After being underground for several years somewhere in Loudon County, the TLARC Field Nuts have surfaced and again are radio active! Formed circa 2018 by a small band of renegade club members who really enjoy operating radios in parks, cars, boats, and in public restrooms, The Nuts are planning this year to have one field event per month. The date will be prominently advertised within TLARC and any/every member is invited to stop by to see us in action! You can help setup an antenna, operate a CW or phone station, or just watch us in operation as we make contacts around the world! Locations will be at various open-area fields around Tellico Village and Lenoir City, such as at the Dam Overlook, the Wellness Center, and the Vonore boat launch. Our field outings will last no longer than two hours, come rain or shine on the date specified on the email list. Join us then. Bring family member or pets! And just remember: “Sometimes you feel like a Nut.” (Dr. Sigmund Freud)