Get ready for an exciting new year here in the TLARC weekly Radio Net on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. We’ve had a couple years of net protocol instruction with controlled check-ins … and now we’re ready to mix in some additional interesting content and activities. After the normal net operation completes, starting at the top of the hour per usual, we’ll have some interesting technology-driven discussion based on which week of the month we’re in.

So basically, we have two parts to every net session:
a) Formal Net: NCS-controlled check-ins, Announcements;
b) Technical Discussion: See the graphic below … Different topic, based on the week of the month!

The Technical Discussion is driven by the colorful graphic shown below. Different topic for “each week of the month” that we happen to be in. The topics are intended to represent the most popular categories of interest that our hams have, based on the most recent membership polling we’ve done in recent years. I mean, who doesn’t like antennas, new gadgets, operating in the field, and buying/selling stuff??!!

Further, we are using the TLARC web pages as a “Project White Board” to illustrate and link concepts and further topic information for net participants to dynamically access during the net. In other words, you’ll be able to click on the PROJECT WHITE BOARD link on the TLARC homepage and get to a page like this where one can view the graphics of topics being discussed live on the radio net that night! Should be pretty cool.


~ NCS & Net Logger Schedule ~

Happy Winter (???) The new Net Schedule is shown here for NCSs, net loggers and all net participants. Everyone is welcome weekly on Wednesday evenings at 7pm local on the TLARC repeater: 442.100 MHz, +5 MHz offset, P/L tone 100 Hz. You don’t need to be a member of TLARC to join in! Our net is “controlled”, which means it’s directed by a single person (the Net Control Station) and when you are asked to check in just announce your callsign twice (once phonetically) and your location. You’ll be acknowledged by the NCS. Later on during the net we’ll have some discussion of interest for the group and generally end around 7:30pm. Overall, the TLARC Weekly Net is a great place to participate in and learn about directed net protocol and to hear some news from Loudon and Monroe counties and surrounding towns. If you have any questions or if you’d like to participate in helping us run the Weekly Net, please let me know and we can fill you in on all the details (they are easy!).

Suggested NCS SCRIPT … (download here)
Link for NET LOGGING … (go there) [NOTE: Form certificate has expired. Click “Accept” in browser Advanced button to continue to form.]