Time is here. This Saturday! We need help. We need YOU! We would take ya for support and even feed ya Saturday lunch 1230. Need operators. This is a 24 hour event 2pm -2pm Sunday.

CW operators, Digital, SSB, GOTA Station Operator, chief cook and bottle washer. Chiefs, Indians ,you name it we can use ya. Or just come on down for the fun!

If you know ya can make it for a half hour, few hours , overnight or just would like to come to eat please let us know who u r, time you will be available, specialties—cw, digital, ssb, cooking, safety, you name it we can use U! We would be happy to c ya!

Please drop a reply to me to help get a head count. Family friends, perfect time to talk on ham radio as the GOTA-get on the air station will be manned for anyone wishing to learn how to operate or just ask questions. No licensed required. Visitors/kids welcome, oh heck visitors encouraged! Did I mention lunch!!! Would like to get a head count by Friday noon so we can get the food together. Thank you to the 14 that said they are coming. I am still getting a list of food together. So far, we have hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, condiments, drinks, chips, cookies, and rice crispy treats. Let us know what you are bringing.

Tim Montgomery