At our March meeting we informally discussed, bantered and polled, and ultimately decided as a club that this year we will focus on operating skills and enjoying time together. To that end, we are posing the following structure for TLARC’s participation in Field Day 2024!

FIELD DAY COORDINATOR — George N2APB has volunteered to coordinate the various activities and teams (see below) and these Leads have the tools to perform their duties.

SAFETY — The Safety Lead performs the duties required by the ARRL Field Day Guide, and simply keeps the Field Day site free from hazards.

FOOD — The Food Lead coordinates the purchase, delivery, and preparation of the meals, snacks, and drinks.

RADIO — The Radios Lead ensures the radios, antennas, and other equipment are acquired, set up, and operated for the benefit of the attendees.

LOGS — The Logs Lead ensures all contacts are logged and submitted to the ARRL.

LOGISTICS — The Logistics Lead coordinates the site setup, assists the other leads with their duties, and coordinates the post-event cleanup and restoration.

So we just need FIVE MORE VOLUNTEERS. The roles are simple and this arrangement ensures that nobody has an overwhelming burden.

Our April TLARC meeting will be held at the Field Day site at shelter #1 in the Lenoir City Park. Please join us all to discuss this approach … and hopefully we’ll have the needed volunteers by then.

Contact me (n2apb @ verizon . net) if you’d like to volunteer or help with any aspect of this year’s activity … and Thank You!

George N2APB
(Thanks much to David N1ESK for the start on this summary of direction, per our meeting!)