Major kudos to TLARC’s own David Andrews N1ESK and the entire RamSat Team at Robertsville Middle School in Oak Ridge.  The CubeSat they designed, built, and had launched from the ISS by NASA, achieved all mission goals in its eighteen months of orbiting the Earth before a fiery re-entry burn-up in the atmosphere this past October. 

A splendid article co-authored in part by N1ESK is featured in the January 2023 issue of QST (pgs 60-62) … Be sure to also check out the RamSat blog for other information, mission details and cool photos from space! …

Congrats to David and the Team! 

73, George N2APB

PS:  The RamSat team also included David’s son: Nathan KB1NWU.

Article cover page image attachment: Courtesy ARRL QST for 2023