Swap & Sell Ground Rules

TLARC ‘Swap-n-Sell’ Ground Rules

1) WHEN & WHERE:  Anyone, anywhere may purchase items.  Not restricted to TLARC members.  Zoom session held on1st Wednesday of every month, at 7:30 pm Eastern Time to discuss and barter on items, if desired.  (Access to the TLARC Zoom Room is on the TLARC home page.)

2) HOW TO SELL:  Seller sends Webmaster a photo or description, with asking price at any time - and I'll publish it immediately to the Swap-n-Sell web page. If someone sees the item on the page and wants to buy it before the next online session … go right ahead sell it right away! (Just let me know to remove it from the page.)

3) OPERATION:  On the night of the online session … 

a) Webmaster will first ask if there is interest in a specific line item.  If you are present you can describe your item.  If someone indicates they want to buy it, you’ve got a sale!  If multiple people express interest, you have an option to raise the price and ‘auction’ it off to the highest bidder.

b) If/when there’s no specific interests at first, I will go down the list in order and display the item one at a time to all and give the seller (if present) an opportunity to describe it personally.  If no interest, we move on to the next item.  If someone wants to buy at the stated price and the seller is not present, we’ll consider it ‘sold’ and the buyer can contact the seller to complete the deal on their own.   (Again, just let me know to remove it from the page.)

4) ITEM AGING:  If no interest is expressed in an item after FOUR weeks, the seller may reduce the price and keep it posted, or the item will be removed from the page.

5) TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Financial transaction is between Seller and Buyer; TLARC does not benefit from any transaction.  No warranty of physical or operational condition.  Buyer assumes all responsibility of purchased item’s safe use and responsible use.  Any item may be offered for sale, within the boundaries of common sense and decency, as determined by the TLARC Webmaster.  Anyone may participate.  Item price and descriptions are subject to change at any time before the sale.  TLARC, and especially its Webmaster, are not liable for the success or failure of any item’s posting or transaction.



Webmaster: George Heron, N2APB

Pages Last Updated: July 3, 2020