TLARC Operating Schedule

All about Field Day

Okay guys, here's the opportunity for you to:
   1) Get on the air and make some contacts for the club; or
   2) Help someone else with the logging; or
   3) Observe the operating activities in order to learn more about how it's all done!

The Operating Schedule is shown below for each of the THREE stations we will have in operation ...

STATION 1- SSB, 40 mtrs through 10 mtrs, max two operators, 1 logging + 1 calling. Antenna is an Alpha Delta inverted using a tower along the fence line.

STATION 2 - CW + Digital (PSK31 and RTTY). This station will have two antennas.  This rig will be remote control operated from the ARES shelter to an inside position. 2 operators max, same as station 1
     Antenna 1 = CushCraft A4S Tribander (10, 15, 20 meters)
     Antenna 2 = Carolina Windom for 40 through 160 mtrs

STATION 3 - SSB focused on 15 meters through 6 meters and includes 2 meters. This operating position will also have Satellite portable operations available to make contacts as LEO's come over the horizon. This station operating position will remain outdoors. This station will have 2 yagi antennas and a dipole.

Operating times are available in 2-hour slots.

==> Please pick some Schedule times that you wish to operate, log or observe ... based on your abilities in CW, Phone or Digital or your desire to assist in these areas.
Once you have some timeslots picked out, email those SLOT numbers to George and he'll update the availability charts right away.
(For example, if you want to be the Primary Op on STATION 1 on Saturday at from 6-8pm, you would send SLOT 7 to George.  Take as many slots as you'd like, but please be sure to keep your commitment.)

George Heron, N2APB

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