Workshop Project #1: End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna (“EFHWA“)
When: April 13
Participants: Dwayne N5XUL, Bob ND2P, George WB9TFR, Bill KK4NNU, Tim N4TLM, Sam KW4TN, Bill KQ4CDC, Richard AE4RS, Mike KO4KYC, Ashley KQ4CEK, David N1ESK, Richard W8CNY.
Let me know if you want to participate! (email: n2apb @ verizon . com)
The workshop will be at my QTH and will take you about 1-2 hours to build and test your antenna.
You’ll have expert guidance along the way and you’ll be walking away with an antenna for 40, 20 and/or 10 meters that you can deploy for field outings or permanent home use!

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