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Item Description Current Owner Notes Asking Price ($$)
1 ICOM IC-221H 2-Meter FM Transceiver George N2APB The Icom IC-2100H 25N 2 meter FM mobile features a rugged design and an easy-to-read alphanumeric display. The displays may be set to green or amber.The receiver covers 136-174 MHz and the transmitter delivers 55, 10 or 5 watts of output. The improved receive IMD helps provide protection from excessively strong signals such as pager signals. $75
2 ALEX LOOP - Portable magnetic loop antenna for HF. George N2APB Quickly assemble from a small bag and set up on your next QRP trip to the backyard or park.  I've used this successfully for my Field Day and other QRP adventures for numerous years - LOVE IT, just as hundreds others do theirs. Here I am using it at Tellico Lake during a QRP contest. And here I'm using it on a pontoon boat!  Others mount it horizontally from apartment window. $150
3 PAC-12 Portable Vertical Antenna George N2APB Here is a very portable vertical antenna with which you can manually (easily) exchange coils to change bands.  Designed and produced by Pacific Antenna.  Includes ground stake and ground radials $60

St. Louis Vertical Portable HF Vertical Antenna

George N2APB Similar in design to the Pac-12, but homebrewed and documented a decade before by the St. Louis QRP Club, this portable vertical is comprised of a coil on a 20' fiberglass fishing rod, with an adjustable coil in the middle of the rod that allows you to change bands merely by moving a clip lead to a different position on the air -core coil.  Famous design of Dave Gauding NF0R that led all others in the early days of QRP.  Great resources for this type of antenna at ARRL. $35
5 SuperAntenna "MP-1" Portable Vertical Antenna George N2APB This ham radio portable all-band antenna system features a collapsible all band antenna.  It covers the entire range of HAM bands, all shortwave frequencies, Marine, CAP, MARS, CB, and everything in between. Simply adjust the SuperSlider to your desired frequency and start transmitting. Super Antenna's precision engineered construction and high Q polymer coil makes it the perfect companion for QRP or higher output portable transceivers for maximum radiated power. The aircraft-grade aluminum tubular slider with military-grade nickel beryllium slip connections provides clean and constant tuning, without resorting to the clumsy fly wires, gimmick clips, or unreliable banana jacks found in low tech competitor designs. All Bands 40 meters through 10 meters, and continuously covers all frequencies 7MHz~30MHz $75
6 PSK-20 Single Board 20-meter PSK31 Transceiver, designed by Dave Benson, K1SWL George N2APB This transceiver is a single PC-board design measuring 4.6" x 5.27". It is a crystal-controlled SSB transceiver with slightly wider-than-normal IF passband characteristics. It covers the range of 14.070 to 14.074 Mhz and allows the user to transmit and receive in the 'conversational' PKS31 digital mode by connecting your computer/laptop to the PSK20. $50
7 PSK-30 Single Board 30-meter PSK31 Transceiver, designed by Dave Benson, K1SWL George N2APB Ditto above, except this is for 30-meter use and it is a kit (including the enclosure!) $40
8 MFJ-345 RuffRider Deluxe Trunk Lid Mount George N2APB Adjustable Lip Antenna Mount with UHF (SO-239) Connector and 17 Feet of Coax.  New. $40
9 NUMARC Stereo Frequency Equalizer George N2APB 10 Band (30Hz to 15,360Hz) Octave Equalizer with individual +/- 15dB boost/cut for each band in each channel, for use within your home audio system. $30
10 Elexon 12-Volt, 7-Amp Linear Power Supply George N2APB If you want a nice, quiet LINEAR power supply for your radio, this one will work great for you. $40
11 Vintage Heathkit IP-27 Regulated Low Voltage Power Supply George N2APB This classic Heathkit design provides 0-45V at 0-1.5amp DC output.  TWO identical power supplies are provided - neither probably works, but with two of them you (or N2APB) should be able to get one working for this low take-away price! $20
12 VariDesk - Variable-height worktop surface for existing desk George N2APB "Variable-height platform" sits atop existing desk allows you to either sit or stand at your workspace (or radio space!) for ergonomic support of back and leg muscles.  Offers a large workspace with an upper tier (36” x 12.25” for up to 2 monitors, a laptop and a notebook as well as a lower tier for a standard keyboard and mouse. The spring-loaded boost mechanism and dual-handle design make it super easy to lift, lower, and adjust to desired height.  Nearly new / Hardly used. $100
13 Classic Astatic D-104 microphone

Allan, K1AT

This microphone is in perfect condition. It comes in its original box, complete with sales tag $100
14 UNUN Kit George N2APB Match your unbalanced coax feedline to your balanced dipole antenna.  EZ kit to assemble $5
15 SOP 40m Receiver (assembled) George N2APB My first attempt at laying out a pcb for a radio project ... "It works but it sure is ugly." (I've heard it said.) Free
16 4-digit i2c display (75 remain) George N2APB Ideal board for your on microcontroller project.  Lots of these available!  (50-cents each, or $15 for the full box.) $0.50
17 Ruggedized Ham Radio Go Bag with rain fly David KF4DKW Use to safely transport your ham gear during an emergency, vacation, hiking trip,
SOTA activation, DX-pedition etc.
 It can hold a full size HF rig, laptop, cables, HTs, paperwork, food, etc.  Fit all your radio gear for all your 'field ops'
18 900MHz wireless headphones George N2APB Plug into radio or TV across the room and work while wearing comfortable wireless headphones. $20
19 Sony AM-FM Radio & CD Player George N2APB It's Y2K, but it's pretty and it works! $10
20 RadCom Handbook George N2APB Excellent condition / "new" handbook from RSGB filled with radio basic theory and gobs of projects $20
21 BNC Panel Connectors George N2APB New, in-the-package panel BNC connector. Great for your bench project!  Qty 100 $20
22 Boy Scout Regen Receiver George N2APB Charles Kichen (famous) regen receiver produced by N2APB for Boy Scouts, featured in QST Magazine circa 2002 $20
23 Collins Transmitter & Receiver Twins (32S1+75S1) George N2APB I graduated from these beautiful 'Collins Twins" up to a KWM-2A, but these are gorgeous, and work great!  Classic boatanchor receiver & transmitter from the 60s. Working nostalgia in the shack. $800
24 The Growler: A Morse-Annunciating SWR 'Meter' Kit George N2APB Really cool kit that I designed a while back for the NJQRP club.  Connect inline as SWR meter and 'hear' the SWR annunciated in Morse or as continuous squarewave tone (hence the 'growl').  Tune separate ATU for lowest growl tone.  Limited supply available. $25
25 Heath Cantenna George N2APB Set the standard and still a wonderful "Full Gallon" 1 KW 50-ohm dummy load, with original oil. $20
26 Homebrew ATU George N2APB T-network ATU homebrewed by a good friend a number of years ago using very good roller inductor - rare and valuable. $25
27 Icom IC-T81A George N2APB FOUR BAND handheld programmable transceiver, with 4-band whip antenna $75
28 Kenwood SMC30 speaker mic George N2APB

Kenwood Original SMC-34 Hand Speaker Mic w/ Swivel Clip, Volume & Remote Control, & 2.5mm Earpiece Audio Jack

29 Palomar R-X Noise Bridge George N2APB Measure antenna and feedline R+jX characteristics the 'old way' ... inexpensively and accurately $10
30 Palstar Active Antenna George N2APB Boost the signal from shorter HF antennas for your receiver $20
31 PIC-EL PIC Training Board & Course George N2APB AA0ZZ and I designed this PIC microcontroller training board and programmer, as well as a full multi-chapter 'course' for those looking to understand PIC programming. $15
32 PSK31 Beacon Kit George N2APB Whatta story with this PSK31 audio signal generator that can feed a transmitter ... or drive your wife and kids wacky! $5
33 Rockmite QRP Xcvr George N2APB A classic design of K1SWL: 40m QRP transceiver that is great for the trail and a small 12V battery $10
34 Sniffer Field Strength Meter (assembled) George N2APB Another design from N2APB and N2CX for the Atlanticon QRP Forum in the 2000s.  Featured use in a 'fox hunt' of an HF signal within a large ballroom.  Still useful for antenna work in the backyard. $10
35 Signal Quality Meter (assembled) George N2APB Another design from N2APB and N2CX for the Atlanticon QRP Forum in the 2000s.  This one provides a relative measure of signal quality by displaying the ratio of close-in vs far-out spectra produced by a transmitter.  Useful for showing the quality of a small transmitted signal. $10
36 Stereo Receiver-Amp George N2APB It's a stereo receiver - It's an amp - and it's pretty.  Old but works.  Nice for college dorm if the kids ever get back to school.) $25
37 Ten-Tec RX320 DSP HF Receiver George N2APB A *magnificent* computer-controlled DSP receiver for the HF bands from Ten-Tec.  $50
38 Zenith Console 4-band BCB/SW Receiver George N2APB I just *love* console console BCB & SW receivers like this.  (Already have one good one and no more room allocated to me in the house for radio stuff.)  Wonderful 12" speaker gives great sound.  Tunes four bands. So even if you don't like the snap crackle and pop of over-the-air SW boadcast stations, try pumping an MP3 player into it to play Old Tyme Radio programs of the 40s and 50s ... surprise your friends and cats!  Near-flawless natural wood finish - nice enough for the living room.  (Even *my* XYL said this.) $200
39 TrendNet 4-port broadband router David N1ESK TW100-S4W1CA (Version v2.0R). High speed broadband router. Instantly recognizes other devices with Universal Plug and Play. Advanced firewall protection. Secure remote management $10
40 Heil Pro-Set Elite 6 Commercial Dual Sided headset Mike K4MJF Very good condition, coiled cord, 1/8th plugs for microphone and headset speakers PLUS a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter plug to convert the headset to plug and into the older radios. Has a dynamic microphone with windsock and phase switch for the speakers to help pick out a weak or distant station. Ear pads are in very good condition and include cotton covers (booties). Additional photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8. $100
41 Kenwood Th-G71A Dave KN4LMM Older HT but works fine. Includes charger manual and box.  Great first radio. Trade for a 12 pack of Sweetwater 420 or IPA beer. Beer
42 AnyTone 2M/440 dual band fm transceiver Lou K4ZRP Never been out of the box! See specs. $110
43 Archer special effects switcher-audio-video-RCA Mike KK6OKU (front) (rear) $20
44 Little Tarheel Screwdriver Mike KK6OKU Little Tarheel HP Mobile Screwdriver Antenna, 7 - 54 MHz, 500w.   (new 470-540) $380

Ameritron controller

Mike KK6OKU Simply connect controller to your antenna, program the band settings, and it will automatically tune your screwdriver antenna at the push of a button.   Manual. (new 125) $85
46 Kenwood TS-480 DSP Transceiver (Package Deal) Mike KK6OKU TS480 DSP HF/50Mhz all mode Transceiver for HF and 6m
Package includes items above for items in this package: Tarheel screw drive antenna, screwdriver controller, all cables and connectors.
47 Kenwood-TS440S Mike KK6OKU  (rear) Parts only $150





  FT-817ND Low Power Transceiver   The wonderful and famous low power rig from Yaesu that spawned a generation.  All band, all mode HF+VHF+UHF 5W transceiver. $450
  High-voltage/power transformer  

5000volt @1amp output, 240v input.  It is 11" high and 12" wide.  No QRP'ers please.  This guy will power any transmitter up to 5KW.  It is custom made by a true California Kilowatt  fanatic.
(See example design for this tube and transformer ...
K5LAD Kilowatt

  One '4-1000A' transmitting tube   This is a radial-beam tetrode designed for use in high power radio transmitters $50
  USB microscope   Plug it in, adjust the variable magnifying lens and snap a photo of an IC or a flea - your choice! $5
  Bencher Paddle   "Yes, it's real and it's spectacular!" [Seinfeld] $20
  ARRL Handbook 2006   Excellent condition / "new" handbook from ARRL filled with radio basic theory and gobs of projects $10
  ARRL Handbook 2007   Excellent condition / "new" handbook from ARRL filled with radio basic theory and gobs of projects $10
  ARRL Handbook 2008   Excellent condition / "new" handbook from ARRL filled with radio basic theory and gobs of project $10
  ARRL Handbook 2015   Excellent condition / "new" handbook from ARRL filled with radio basic theory and gobs of projects $10
  ARRL Handbook 2017   Excellent condition / "new" handbook from ARRL filled with radio basic theory and gobs of projects $10
  ARRL Handbook 2018   Excellent condition / "new" handbook from ARRL filled with radio basic theory and gobs of projects $10
  N2CX End-Fed Halfwave Antenna (40m) TWO   Wire radiator & counterpoise with nice wrapping handle $5
  4-digit i2c display (5pcs - 75 remain)   Ideal board for your on microcontroller project.  Lots of these available!  (50-cents each, or $15 for the full box.) $0.50
  Kenwood-TS440S    (rear) Parts only $150
  Kenwood TS-570SG   160-6 meters, Electronic Keyer, Noise Reduction, 100 Memories, 5~100 Watts Output, 16 Bit DSP, CW Auto Tune, Keypad, Full and Semi Break-in, 10 Hz Tuning.
INCLUDES: Kenwood hand mic, power cables & original Instruction Manual.
PHYSICAL CONDITION: 7/10. Major functions bench tested OK in N2APB lab. This is a good radio and a GREAT one for new hams.



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