2021 Survey

Please answer each question with as much detail as possible.  We’ll use your information to help provide services and activities for both our TLARC membership and community. 


73, TLARC Officers


1. What specialty areas do you have in Ham Radio? (e.g., background in electronics, EmComm, field/portable operation, antennas, amplifiers, QRP, etc.)

2. Can you operate on emergency power? (e.g., with 12-volt batteries, generators, solar panels, etc.)

3. What modes do you operate? (e.g., FM via repeaters, CW, AM, SSB, digital modes on HF bands, etc.)

4. In your area of expertise would you be willing to Elmer other hams in TLARC? (e.g., discuss, guide or share with others in areas of your comfort.)

5. As a new ham or new TLARC member, what questions would you like to have answered? (e.g., rules & regulations, band use and propagation, best antenna types for residential properties, contesting tips, etc.)

6. What are your main interests in Ham Radio? (e.g., ragchew with buddies, talk around the world, learn more about radio technology, community service, learning Morse code, etc.)

7. If you’re a contester which ones do you normally participate in? (e.g., CQWW, CW or SSB, QRP, ARRL Field Day, etc.)

8. Please list the radios that you have? (Including HTs, HF base stations, portable rigs, digital mode transceivers, etc.)

9. Is there anything else about you and/or TLARC that you'd like to tell us? (e.g., meeting places/frequency, weekly radio net operation, dues, new activity ideas, etc)

10. Would you like to help TLARC sometime by being a Net Control on the weekly radio net?  Or perhaps serving as a club officer in the future?

11. What is your callsign?  (Only needed for internal follow-up purposes)





George Heron, N2APB