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TLARC Weekly Meetings

Every Wednesday:
7:00 pm on the 442.100 MHz repeater (PL 100.0): "TLARC Radio Net"
  7:30 pm on Zoom video conferencing: "Weekly Themes" (See below)
          Meeting ID: 830 0614 6324

Weekly Themes:
     1st Wednesday of Month:  HF Contesting-1 
<== (Nov 4)

     2nd Wednesday of Month:  HF Contesting-2 <== (Nov 11)    

     3rd Wednesday of Month:  Official Club Meeting <== (Nov 18)  

     4th Wednesday of Month:   HF Contesting-3 <== (Nov 25)  

Questions: Contact David "N1ESK at charter dot net"

SMARC net:  Mon-Thurs, 9:00 am ... 146.655, PL 100.0 Hz

East Tennessee 2 Meter Nets and Repeaters Directory
An amazing resource of clubs and repeater frequencies within a 114 mile radius of Knoxville!

When are the bands open?
See the probabilities for average HF propagation for April, as provided by the ARRL on their Propagation page.



Hamfest Fever?  K4MJF has a cure! 

Dixie Trader Net -- Friday Nights at 8 pm via 4-plex repeaters on 145.370  (T-100), 145. 410 (T-127.3), 147.195 (T 1000), 147.345 (T 118.8).   

Tennessee Digital Amateur Group Net -- An DMR Tennessee Statewide TG3147 at 9pm every Friday night. Good fellowship, discussions, tips and tricks.

World Wide Net on Talk Group -- 91 DMR starting every Saturday morning at 11am. This net takes check-ins from around the world and lasts until mid afternoon.


FCC Proposes to Reinstate Amateur Radio Service Fees
     Amateur radio licensees would pay a $50 fee for each amateur radio license application if the FCC adopts rules it proposed this week. Included in the FCC’s fee proposal are applications for new licenses, renewal and upgrades to existing licenses, and vanity call sign requests. Excluded are applications for administrative updates, such as changes of address, and annual regulatory fees.  [More]
    (Submitted by Jim Anderson, K0RGI)


Absentee Ballot Request Form for Tennessee
     The first day to accept a request is Aug. 5, 2020 and the last day to accept a request is Oct. 27, 2020. Download form.
     You may submit this form by mail, fax or email to your county election commission. When emailing, you must scan and attach the completed request form to the email. Click here or visit to find the address and contact information for your election commission. Your request must be received by October 27, 2020.
(Information provided by Brad KM4OJK)


Feature News892


Become a 'Net Control' for the TLARC weekly radio net?

If you want to step into the 21st century and play with the big boys in TLARC, now is your chance to become a 'Net Control' of the weekly TLARC radio net on the 442.100 repeater from 7-7:30pm.  Just contact Mike KK6OKU with your interest and he will provide you with tender and insightful guidance to enable you to take the command seat on your own!


TLARC October Meeting Recap


This month's meeting was a hoot, held in-person beneath the (open) pavilion at the Toqua Golf Club.  We received the slate of officers for 2021 from the Nominating Committee. Voting to come in a forthcoming meeting.  Nominations so far include:

     President: Mike Wagner KK6OKU
     Vice President: Mike Foley, K4MJF
     Secretary: Eric Ressler, KD8LHZ
     Treasurer: George Sifnotis, WB9TFR

The Financial Review Committee was also appointed, and a couple of impromptu "special entertainers" took the floor: one to auction off some cool, vintage and eclectic items (N2APB), and the other gave a demonstration of numeric mental prowess (KM4TUY). After these acts it's hard to imagine what will come next month! 

Ongoing News: 


'TEAM TLARC" Scores big in 160-Meter contest at God's Cozy Acres last weekend


Another TLARC member gets on the HF bands for the first time ... KM4TUY !!


Congratulations to Ralph Monserrat (KM4TUY) for his first ever HF contact!
At 23:13 local last night, Ralph logged his first contact with KW4Z in Florence Alabama.


The Earth gets a new 'mini-moon' mid-November    


Around mid-month in November, Earth will have a new temporary moon. Designated Asteroid 2020 SO, the object is instead manmade. In 1966, the failed Surveyor 2 moon mission was powered to the moon by a Centaur upper rocket stage which was discarded near the moon. The rocket body went into orbit around the sun and after 54 years, is returning home.

Here is the link to article:

Amateur astronomer Kevin Heider said on Twitter that around the time of closest approach on December 1, 2020, 2020 SO will only brighten to about apparent magnitude 14.1, and would require a telescope with roughly a 150mm (6″) objective lens to see visually.

(Thanks to TLARCer Space Cadet Ben Edwards AD4BE for this heads-up reporting.)


TLARCers joined in on SMARC's October Foxhunt      


SMARC conducted their foxhunt on a sunny Saturday Oct 17th morning in Everett Park, Maryville. 
It was an "on-foot" hunt for two (2) small battery-operated "Fox" transmitters hidden somewhere in the park. Click on the photo to search for participants from TLARC, including K4MJF and KK6OKU.


ISS SSTV Experiments by TLARC Members

Several TLARC Space Cadets have been attempting to receive and display the SSTV images from the International Space Station, as transmitting during the SSTV this month. Images are downlinked at 145.800 MHz using an FM HT coupled to an Android app or the MMSSTV app on a computer. See this good backgrounder. The latest image is shown below, courtesy of KF4DKW.  Great fun! 



TLARC Meeting - A September Evening @ Tugaloo Beach

What fun!  An in-person meeting after some 7 months via Zoom!  Awesome turnout. And we had a Unicorn leading people in from the road. The 19th is the big Sevier County Hamfest and the 26th is the Sweetwater Hamfest. We had a non-ham visiting from Lenoir City.(Name?)  Ralph, KM4TUY was introduced. Nominating committee volunteers stepped up. DJ Unicorn brought his equipment for music and meeting audio.




On Solar Flares -- CfA Scientists and Team Take a Look Inside the Central Engine of a Solar Flare for the First Time.



Using a Software Defined Radio (SDR) on the FM Broadcast Band to Foretell 2-Meter Band Openings



                        (Click photo for larger view)


Solar Storm Forecast 08.10.2020 -- Three Bright Regions and a Storm Generator



TLARC Officers at Work


The Perseids are Here Again!

The annual Perseid Meteor Shower peaks from August 11 to 13. The Perseids are considered the best meteor shower of the year—thanks to meteors streaking across the sky every couple minutes and pleasant summer temperatures. Find out when to watch for the Perseids in 2020 and how to maximize your chance of seeing a shooting star!


TLARC Space Cadets News:    Starlink: SpaceX's satellite internet project

Starlink is the name of a satellite network that the private spaceflight company SpaceX is developing to provide low-cost internet to remote locations. While SpaceX eventually hopes to have as many as 12,000 satellites in this so-called megaconstellation, the size and scale of the project have flustered astronomers and amateur skywatchers, who fear that the bright, orbiting objects will interfere with observations of the universe 




TLARC Space Cadets Make It Big




TLARC Online Meeting: July 15


Brief Summary from Secy' N1ESK ...

-  K4MJF stated the Sevierville Hamfest is scheduled for September 19; see for updates.
-  KV4XY reminds all to complete their 2020 FD logs before the deadline in two weeks.
-  KV4XY reported great participation in the 13 Colonies event. Please send pictures of your 13 Colonies awards to N2APB for the website.
-  No responses yet to the club flyer mailing. Time will tell if these efforts yield any fruit.
-  KK6OKU seeking volunteers for NCS and logging duties for the weekly TLARC Radio Net.
-  Revisions to the current Constitution and By-Laws discussed and questions answered. No objections heard. Vote to approve the new documents will be held on August 15.

-  Full minutes here.


Solar Dynamics Observatory -- A Decade of Sun

June 2, 2010 -- June 1, 2020

Every second is a day in the video below ...


As of June 2020, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory — SDO — has now been watching the Sun non-stop for over a full decade. From its orbit in space around the Earth, SDO has gathered 425 million high-resolution images of the Sun, amassing 20 million gigabytes of data over the past 10 years. This information has enabled countless new discoveries about the workings of our closest star and how it influences the solar system. (More at


13 Colonies Special Event

On-air activity was like cannon blast!

TLARC participation included: KV4XY, WW4WTF, AC6ZM, WK9M, KK6OKU, N2APB and a few more!




New QRP Radio Makes Big Splash in Ham Market    


MCARC Hamfest held in Athens, TN on 7/18/2020

It was a hot one for about six TLARC members who were able to make it down to Athens for the annual MCARC Hamfest this year.  Everyone was wearing a mask and some were even wearing gloves.  The usual hamfestalia were hanging out, including some nice boat anchor sightings, so I heard!  Even had some unicorn sightings ...



Jumping Off The Grid

(Contributed by TLARC Anonymous)

A lot of amateurs want to go off grid.

The demand and desire to take amateur radio off grid is absolutely there. The problem is that information about off grid radio is sprinkled around. It’s hard to find straight answers. Many radio and survival blogs occasionally address the issue, but to my knowledge, Off Grid Ham and OH8STN are the only two outlets that deal with off grid radio radio exclusively.

For readers who are not off the grid, or seek to expand off grid capabilities, I’ve put together this “off grid radio guide” for beginners that will answer the most common questions in one compact package. This is not a comprehensive guide; we’re just going to summarize main points. At the end of this article there will be links to additional information on the topics covered here.

// Lots of great resource links are at the end of this article. Thanks to Anon for submitting! - n2apb


Field Day 2020 is now in the history books. It was a great event for those that operated. Many operated from their QTH and many opted for portable operations somewhere in their own back yard, mobile or nearby location. Social distancing has definitely changed things but one thing that didn’t change is the great participation during field day.  I personally operated for 21 hours. I participated in a Distributed M/M with the Tennessee Contest Group and the Deep Dixie Contest Club in preparation for the HF IARU Radio Championship July 11-12, 2020. We are representing the U.S. IARU HQ Society and will be using the callsign W1AW/4.
... Submitted by Juan Lopez, AC6ZM


Follow the SpaceX Program ...





KV4XY wows SMARC with WSPR
presented on the digital mode called WSPR to the Smoky Mountain ARC gang April 27.  Over 24 people in attendance on Zoom!



The Great Geomagnetic Storm of May 1921... Contributed by David Andrews, N1ESK

Ninety-nine years ago this week, people around the world woke up to some unusual headlines. They didn’t know it at the time, but those newspapers were covering the biggest solar storm of the 20th Century. Nothing quite like it has happened since.  [Read more about this fascinating event]



Held on June 14, 2020 @ Chota Wellness Center

The first ever TLARC Fox Hunt was deemed a success, according to those in attendance on Sunday morning, June 14th. Eleven licensed amateurs participated in the event, assisted by the first and second harmonics of Jacob KN4WAV and Kayla KO4DEG Lindsey. Two foxes were laying in wait at the Tellico Village Wellness Center. The group was split into two groups and set out for two hours of frustration and learning. Most everyone found the hidden transmitters, which were hiding in plain sight.


With the first effort completed, participants have some data points to improve their techniques and equipment for the second TLARC fox hunt. Early planning has already begun. Now is the time to start building your portable antennas, attenuators, and other tools to find those foxes.



How To Build a 20m Dipole



Spot the Station ... N1ESK reels in the ISS on a clear & cool April morning!

Dave N1ESK says: "Your post [Mike] got my juices flowing. Sunday morning was overcast, so scratch that attempt. Looking at the prediction table and the weather forecast, Monday morning had potential. Set the alarm for an obscene time, pack everything up and head to a dark hill (back of the wellness Center). Take a few test shots, make final adjustments, then wait and freeze. Finally she appeared. 15 second exposure."

Way to go ESK!

Spot the Station  (Sign-up for email notifications like this here.)


Long-Lost U.S. Military Satellite Found By Canadian Amateur Radio Operator
(From the Daily Timewaster)
“Zombie” satellite shuts down critical NOAA NWS systems ...

There are more than 2,000 active satellites orbiting Earth. At the end of their useful lives, many will simply burn up as they reenter the atmosphere. But some will continue circling as "zombie" satellites — neither alive nor quite dead.

Scott Tilley, an amateur radio operator living in Canada, has a passion for hunting them down.

Recently, Tilley got interested in a communications satellite he thought might still be alive — or at least among the living dead. LES-5, built by the Massachusetts Institutehe found a paper describing the radio frequency that LES-5, an experimental military UHF communications satellite, should be operating on — if it was still alive. So he decided to have a look. 

"This required the building of an antenna, erecting a new structure to support it. Pre-amps, filters, stuff that takes time to gather and put all together," he says.  

British Columbia, where Tilley lives, was on lockdown. Like many of us, suddenly Tilley had time on his hands. He used it to look for LES-5, and on March 24, he hit the ham radio equivalent of pay dirt.

"The reason this one is kind of intriguing is its telemetry beacon is still operating," Tilley says.

In other words, says Tilley, even though the satellite was supposed to shut down in 1972, it's still going. As long as the solar panels are in the sun, the satellite's radio continues to operate. Tilley thinks it may even be possible to send commands to the satellite.

The MIT lab that built LES-5 still does a lot of work on classified projects for the military. NPR contacted its news office to ask if someone could say more about LES-5 and whether it really could still receive commands.

But after repeated requests, Lincoln Laboratory finally answered with a "no comment."  It seems that even 
elderly satellites still might have a few secrets they want to keep.

< Thanks to Barry K8NWB for this contribution. >


Newest Hams in the Maryville, Tellico Lake and Lenoir City areas

The TLARC Volunteer Examiner (VE) had a successful test session on Saturday April 25 at the Toqua Pavilion in Tellico Village.

  • Our very own Greg Wilde KO4CYX passed his General AND Extra exams in a single session. Greg passed his Technician exam just two weeks ago.

  • Jacob Lindsey KN4YAV passed his General exam. Kayla Lindsey passed the Tech exam and is now KO4DEG. They are members of Smoky Mountain Amateur Radio Club in Maryville.

  • Stanley Swanson, W4SSF, passed his General.  Stanley lives in Lenoir City.

Here's the note we received today April 25, 2020 from the newest ham in TLARC - Greg KO4CYX:

"I had to share I passed my General and Amateur Extra tests today.  David, Alan, Brad, Joyce, and Larry (sorry if Larry isn't the right name, I am horrible with names) thank you all so so much. I am looking forward to meeting everyone eventually and truly start learning.

"If anyone is interested here are my study sources.  I used 4 sources for study and wanted to share in case you have anyone that this might help.  HAM College is excellent if you or someone you know is struggling.

1.  ARRL study guides -- Hand-delivered to my house by David Andrews, lol

2.  Ham Radio Prep -- This is great to get into the course but not really necessary if you do the HAM College.  It is more about teaching you to pass the test.
3.  Ham College on --They have courses for Technician, General and Amateur Extra.  I did not know about them for my Technician.This is a fantastic course.  They don't just teach you to pass the test.  They have handouts, study tips, exact steps to process formulas on a calculator, formula sheets, sources for the many avenues with HAM, etc. The Extra course expires at the end of June so if someone wants to do it, START NOW.  There are about 30 hours of video just for the Extra ...
4.  Finally for practice tests.  They have great apps for phones, tablets and a website.  It tracks every question and shows your weaknesses.  When you take a test you can immediately study the question pool where you were week. Each question has a detailed explanation you can open with hints. Invaluable in my opinion."

Congratulations on all our new hams!  Please join us in welcoming these folks when you hear them on the repeater, see them on Zoom, or actually meet face-to-face at a club meeting or event.


Updated Prediction of Solar Cycle 25
Early this month SWPC published their official updated prediction of Solar Cycle 25 in a new user-interactive graph format. Their updated prediction is based on the results of NOAA's Solar Cycle 25 Prediction Panel.

                ISES Solar Cycle Sunspot Number Progression

                    See the fully-interactive graphs

SWPC forecasts a solar maximum between 105 and 125 with the peak occurring between November 2024 and March 2026. There is broad consensus that Solar Minimum is ongoing this year -- or may have already occurred -- and that Cycle 25 will have no major change in the level of solar activity compared to Cycle 24.

For many years SWPC's solar cycle predictions have used the Royal Observatory of Belgium's International Sunspot Number. SWPC's official solar cycle prediction now uses the SWPC sunspot number. The International Sunspot Number is typically about one third lower than the SWPC sunspot number.

While this is SWPC's official Cycle 25 prediction, its important to notethere is still divergence among various forecasting methods and members of the space weather forecasting community. Most forecasts and forecasters agree that the Cycle 25 is likely to be within plus or minus 20 percent of Cycle 24 and is likely to occur between 2024 and 2027.
< Thanks to Juan AA6ZM for contributing this news item >


In World War I, British Biplanes Had Wireless Phones in the Cockpit.
Pilots on reconnaissance missions could immediately call in their findings.
As soon as the first humans went up in hot air balloons in the late 1700s, military strategists saw the tantalizing possibilities of aerial reconnaissance. Imagine being able to spot enemy movements and artillery from on high—even better if you could instantly communicate those findings to colleagues on the ground. But the technology of the day didn’t offer an elegant way to do that.
[More ...]

Courtesy: IEEE Spectrum

International Space Station (ISS) sightings in Loudon County -- Interest has peaked in viewing the daily ISS orbits, as reminded by Mike KK6OKU by his occasional postings of times and directions to observe.  On the evening of April 5 an number of TLARCers saw the Space Station streak across the dark and near-cloudless skies on a NW-to-SE vector in less than 6 seconds!  David KF4DKW snapped this shot below as its path was near a brilliant full moon and added some data.  Ben AD4BE collected some interesting background on the ISS in his attached PDF. Our next goal will be to QSO with the astronauts on the ISS.  One can easily determine when the next pass is coming at Spot The Station. Lots of additional ISS information can be found by searching on "International Space Station".  My favorite go-to site is at N2YO
(Click on the images below for a larger view.)


New ham in the village: Greg Wilde KO4CYX -- Yes, it's true, our newest TLARC member GREG WILDE passed the Technician license exam administered by our VE team on Saturday April 4 and we officially have a new ham in the world! 

Sasquatch Stomp 2020 -- Results to be reported soon for this fun QRP CW event on the evening of April 3.  Jim K0RGI, George N2APB and Juan AC6ZM participated along with maybe 100 other QRPers around the country.  [And George was designated a 'Yeti', which gave a huge number of bonus points to those contacting him!]


Mobile Operation:  An Experiment by Juan AC6ZM -- Juan recently tried operating "on the road" mobile on a trip driving from TN to OH.  He says "results were great and much better than expected" ... Read all about it here in his presentation documenting those results!


March Meeting Recap -- We tried something new this time by virtually conducting our meeting on the club repeater by having members check in at the normal meeting time. David N1ESK conducted some normal TLARC business, and the mic was then given over to Sam Howard KV4XY who expertly walked us through his slide deck telling us all about WSPR (pronounced "whisper"), the "Weak Signal Propagation Reporter". This digital communications protocol was designed and first implemented by Nobel laureate Joe Taylor, K1JT for weak-signal radio communication between amateur radio operators and for sending and receiving low-power transmissions to test propagation paths on the MF and HF bands.



February Meeting Recap -- If you missed the February TLARC meeting, you missed a good one. Goals for 2020 were presented, and a grant of $2500 was received. Click to view the Meeting Minutes and the presentation: TLARC Vision 2020. You will see that we’re looking for several volunteers to help with the efforts. Specifically, we need a few people to step forward to assist with:

  • Creating a club flyer, to be mailed to area hams who aren’t yet members of TLARC;
  • Designing a club logo for T-shirts, hats, etc; and
  • Reviewing the current Constitution and By-Laws for proposed updates and for compliance with IRS rules.

      If interested, please contact me (David N1ESK). Time moves fast, so we need to get started on these projects ASAP.


Hooray to TLARC's CQ World-Wide 160-meter Contest Team! -- Randy KG9M reports that the TLARC "Team 160" (KF4DKW, KK6OKU, KV4XY, KE4OTZ, KG9M) had record results this year: Contacts 333, Score ~49,980. (Last year: ~23,688) ... Quite the improvement, and they had lots of fun doing it at our club's remote site: God's Cozy Acres. Randy and David did a few things at the end of the contest to make setup easier next time.  (The contest was held over the weekend of Jan 24-26.)
     Operating Time: 34 Hours!
     Total op time: 19:02
     Total op time: 19:34
     Avg Qs/Hr:: 17.5

Solar Wind Animation -- I found this and thought it was pretty cool ... n2apb

A NASA animation of the solar wind and the Earth's magnetosphere, and how the solar wind can reach Earth's atmosphere near the poles. [NASA/CILab/Josh Masters]

Tribander Trap Experimentation -- Juan AC6ZM has been doing some trap work and came across this excellent presentation that may also be of interest to others ,,, All You Need To Know About Tribander Antennas and Traps ...


December 2019 Meeting is History! ... The 2020 Officers slate was voted on and approved!  President DavidS KN4LMM, VP Sam KV4XY, Secretary David N1ESK, and Treasurer Brad KM4OJK.  'Thank you' guys for stepping up to lead TLARC in the coming year!  TLARC Team RunLoCo recognized (see item below). Great presentation by Randy WK9M on keeping *really* good accurate time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and his Raspberry Pi-based GPS hardware.  Randy's NTP presentation file and all meeting details coming shortly.  Thanks to members for attending, and especially to those who paid their 2020 dues.


TLARC Team RunLoCo Recognized at December Meeting ... Seven TLARC members were recognized for their gracious and capable communications support during the RunLoCo Marathon on December 7.  Coordinator Tim KE4OTZ formally thanked team members: Brad KM4OJK, Mike K4MJF, David KF4DKW, Jim K0RGI, Randy WK9M and Alan A1AT.  (Missing from photo: Brent K4BNN and Tom W8MKL.)  Thank you guys!


Secret TLARC Workshop Project Unveiled ... The Phaser ... A single-board, 4-watt Digital Mode SSB Transceiver for 80, 40, 30 or 20 Meters. Specifically designed for using digital modes with computers running WSJT-X and FLDIGI applications. All information and kit ordering info is at the Phaser website.

Solar Storm Forecast: October 24 ...  A Coronal Hole in the Strike Zone & A Meteor Explodes Over Wisconsin

 (This is a regular installment also found on Let me know if you enjoy this accessing this on our TLARC website ... de n2apb)


2nd TLARC Workshop: The Secret Project ... 8 club members participated in our club's 2nd workshop held at chez N1ESK - this time building a secret digital mode transceiver project of N2APB.  The kitbuilding skillsets ranged from novice-to-medium, and construction was straightforward while following a good assembly guide and some personal guidance.  We had reserved two afternoons this past weekend to complete the kits, and by the end of the second session five hams had successfully completed and tested their boards and immediately got on-the-air getting to achieve their first digital mode contacts!  The others needed some extra time to finish their assemblies, but plan to be on the air soon. Soldering skills were honed and everyone came away with newfound talents for winding toroids!


October 2019 Meeting -- Huge success!  This is just one man's opinion, but this was the BEST meeting we've had since I came down here 18 months ago.  The "project show 'n tell" was of such great great interest and I was intently listening and taking notes throughout the entire meeting.  AND when coupled with it being a PIZZA MEETING, well ... giddyup!!  Detailed notes and project photos are at our Show n' Tell web page.


On Being an ARRL-Affiliated Club ... If you have attended recent club meetings, you no doubt have heard discussions about us becoming an ARRL-Affiliated Club. Here's some more information and several documents describing the process and benefits. We'll be making a decision on this shortly.  Please consider the topic and information, and let me know your thoughts or concerns ... David N1ESK

TLARC Happenings ... Fall is here, and with it comes the start of contesting and general club activities again after the long hot Summer.  Our TLARC leadership team highlighted a number of contests (and other club activities) for each month of 2019 that best reflects the interests of its membership ... whether it be taking to the field with QRP, hiking up a mountain to do some QRO work, working from a homebrew or boatanchor station, or just operating from a nice and comfy position there in your own shack!  
==> Take a look at the ones listed on our Fall Happenings page and circle your calendar. Maybe plan to get together with another like-minded ham for a combined or instructive "adventure" of using CW, phone, or even the newest cool digital mode: FT8.


Smoky Mountain ARC ... Info on our neighboring club, as reported recently by Mike K4MJF and Sam KV4XY ...
- Club repeater:  146.655, -600 offset, PL tone: 100
- Location: Maryville, TN
- Website:
- Daily net: 9am (excluding Fridays)
- Tech Lunch on Thursdays: Midland Restaurant
- Friday breakfasts: 9am, TC's Grill
- Club meetings: Last Monday of the month, 7pm, basement of Union Steel Workers of America Hall
  ** Note:
Monday, Sept. 24, meeting will start at 6:00 pm with a swap meet followed by a BBQ dinner!

September Meeting was a Winner! ... Discussion of new antenna rules, the DXCC convention in Pigeon Forge this coming weekend. and various website additions: For Sale pages, Solar Storm Forecasts and Propagation curves for September.  Oh yeah, and watch your glucose readings too ;)  Take a look at the Meeting Minutes.


Tennessee QSO Party ...  Our participation results from this Sept 1st event are coming shortly. .

W4DXCC ... "Hello from W4DXCC 15 DX and Contest Convention. We are mere days days away from the Best DX and Contest Convention in the South East. We have the best equipment manufacturers at the convention ready to speak with you. For the latest News Go Here W4DXCC."


TN Section winner:  ARRL DX CW 2019 ... Our very own pres, Juan Lopez AC6ZM, teamed up with buddy K4OWR at Bill's QTH in Oakdale to operate a multi-single station ... to take FIRST PLACE in the Tennessee Section!  Over a 16-hour period, they used a Zero5 full size vertical with 35 radials, and two 160 meter band full size dipoles oriented east-west and north-south, and ran 1500 watts from an Ameritron AL-82 using an ICOM 7600, and N1MM+ logging software. Kudo's to Juan!!


East Tennessee 2 Meter Nets and Repeaters Directory ... An amazing resource of clubs and repeater frequencies within a 114 mile radius of Knoxville!
==> Mission: "To facilitate Ham Radio licensees getting full use and benefit of the 2 meter repeaters in ETN and to inform non Ham licensees of the possibilities with Ham Radio and motivate them to get their license."
==> Value And Purpose Of This Directory:
> To help people get active in ETN Ham Radio
> To Facilitate the finding of nets to listen to and clubs to attend.
> Protect nets from interference.
> Help new Hams to get a quick start in understanding and use of the 2 meter band.
> Help non Ham (listeners) to get interested in the Ham Radio world by listening to nets. The hope is they will get
interested enough to get their license.
==> Who? This is a work in progress (and will always be) and we need a lot of help. This directory was developed using Rtsystem radio programing software, RepeaterBook and SERA. For questions, corrections, and additions,
contact: Bob Hill at
                       (Thank you Bob!! ... n2apb)


August 2019 Meeting: "Surge Protection, Isolation, Grounding & Bonding (Whew!)", as presented by Randy WK9M. See the cool  and informative presentation slides, photos and resources here!


TLARC For Sale Page -- Check out our latest website feature ... the new TLARC For Sale Page ... What a way to move your ham-related gear!  Only available for TLARC members to post items for sale (though our webmaster) for up to 3 months. Sellers accept all responsibilities for claims and ownership. Buyers purchase independently from TLARC and assume all risks. 

Minutes from July 2019 Meeting -- It was all about the wrap-up of our Field Day adventures!  The presentation made by Sam KV4XY will be available here soon.  And here are the Meeting Minutes.


ARRL Field Day 2019 ... with TLARC!  ... Success!  Click here to see all the details of our big event of the year!


Minutes from June 2019 Meeting -- It was a good one at which we brushed up our plans for the coming Field Day event.  Read the Meeting Minutes here


Waterproof logbooks for rugged field ops adventures
We recently came across a really handy collection of pocket logbooks that are rugged and waterproof ... and just right for wet & wild field operations.  You need to give these guys a looksee!

Recap:  A QRP Field Ops Adventure by K0RGI and N2APB on June 1, 2019 -- Jim K0RGI and George N2APB took to the field on a fine and sunny 83-deg, low-humidity day ... Why?  Because we could, and it was the most glorious spring day we've had yet this year!  We went to the TVA Park on Tellico Lake, located near on the boat launch area one normally sees on the right when you turn left onto the ramp heading to Maryville.  (See map below - click for larger view.)  Birds in-air, boats lazily en route to some swimming hole and a mini-park with picnic benches,  parties happening under shelters and kids splashing in a roped-off area. Click on the video below to get a flavor that only scratches the surface of our outing. (Video will download, then double-click the .mov file to play it.) We had our usual antennas set up unobtrusively (Jim's PAC-12 mini vertical and George's 4'-diameter magnetic loop) and nobody bothered us.  Not even bugs!  Over the course of about 2-3 hours we made a large handful of contacts, ranging from PA to CA (and even an LA8 in Czechoslovakia!), then we packed up to go home. A fine outing it was indeed!



Minutes from May 2019 Meeting -- You didn't come?  Well, read all about it here



Membership Survey Results -- Click here to see the very interesting results of our first-ever Membership Survey, presented at the April meeting by David N1ESK, TLARC Secretary.


The Great Tower Drop of April 27, 2019  -- A team of TLARC members went out to Oakdale TN (Morgan County) to take down a huge tower and antenna array that was generously donated to the club by Bill Radice K4OWR.  See the photo essay within!

                  Left to right:  David KF4DKW, Bill K4OWR, Tim KE4OTZ, Randy WK9M, Emily KB1NXN, David N1ESK 

TLARC Field Nuts did it again on April 20 --  Saturday, April 20, 2019 marked the traditional first major QRP field event of the year - QRP To The Field. This year's theme was "Any Ole Park" and the TLARC Field Nuts set up our KN4DUA club station at the Tellico Family Park pavilion on Tugaloo Dr.  Recap to come soon!
    72, Juan AC6ZM and Randy WK9M



SOTA Gang I Stumbled Into On My Last Vacation To Roan Mountain TN On The AT -- from David KF4DKW.  If you haven't heard about Summits On The Air field ops, you're in for a treat. "Grassy Ridge Bald shares the same trail head as Roan High Knob.  Getting to the Grassy Ridge Bald trail head is a two hour drive from my house to Carvers Gap.  I left my house at 6:45 AM and went to the old law office of Scott, in Asheville (about halfway) to meet and carpool up to Carvers Gap.   We arrived at Carvers Gap about 9 AM.  We got out of the car and the wind was a steady 25mph or so with higher gusts." ... Read the entire blog.


GPS Clock Workshop -- Wow, what a time we had on Saturday, April 6.  Some 14 members gathered at N2APB's home and assembled their GPS Clock Kits in the first-ever TLARC Workshop!  Eight of us got the kit built and working without a flaw, while 3 others had some repairable issues, and 3 others had time-crunch issues in completing theirs.  See more pics inside.


Adventures of the TLARC Fantastic Five in Episode 4:  The Great Tower Retrieval

(Click on image)

Hello? Hello? Anybody out there?  -- A February without sunspots :(   See details at  Thanks to Mike Henry KM4H for the find.  The good news is that propagation is all uphill from here for the next 11 years!

                     Images Credit & Copyright: Alan Friedman (Averted Imagination)

TLARC February 2019 Meeting -- Sumptuous dinner beforehand (at Lorenzo's) and a great meeting right after, with a presentation from David N1ESK covering his recent trip to 2019 HamCation the week before in Orlando ... slides below and meeting minutes coming shortly!
            Download and view:   as PDF ... or as PowerPoint slides with embedded video on slides 18 & 46)

KN4DUA now a bonefide QRP member of NAQCC -- It's official, we are now a member of this very cool-and-fun national QRP group that sponsors a month-long "contest" ... every month!  The NAQCC events (called "challenges") throughout the year are based on using the letters in the stations contacted to fill out a "bingo card-like" grid to construct a set of words related by the monthly theme. See the RULES paragraph to learn how these wacky challenges work!  (The bingo card worksheet is a way to track progress, as shown in the tutorial.)


CQ RTTY WPX Contest ... our biggest score so far! - We activated KN4DUA with a big Team effort on Feb 9-10 and recorded the BIGGEST score of our recorded history!  All the member activity in the events leading up to this point are sure paying off, with team members this time including David KF4DKW, Mike KK6OKU, Brad KM4OJK, Sam KV4XY, Randy WK9M and Juan AC6ZM racking up the sweet score.  Full details and photos coming soon ... including those about the portabella mushroom & cheese steakburgers on the grill. (Those who participate are learning that partying, eating and drinking are wonderful side benefits of on-the-air activities with TLARC :)


Stealth Antennas ... New section for our website, exploring and discussing "stealthy ways" for TLARC members to get on the bands in HOA-sensitive communities.  For now just click on the desired antenna type below to learn more about that one.  Soon, we'll have a dedicated Stealth Antennas page full of additional tried-and-true antennas, references and guidance to enable us all to be on the air from 160m-70cm!


KN4DUA activated for FBYO Winter 2019 QRP Sprint ... It was rather short notice, but it was SO nice outside on Saturday Feb 2 that we activated the TLARC club call for the annual FYBO ("Freeze Your Butt Off") QRP Winter Field Day event!  This event occurs each year on the first Saturday of February, which is usually a cold winter day .. but we got a wonderful gift that day with a break from our cold temperatures so we grabbed our field antenna and headed for the hills!  George N2APB was located up at the Ft. Loudon Dam Overlook "grassy knoll" by the power station, and made enough contacts to (hopefully) get a certificate.

                  George N2APB working the "KN4DUA Station" with a W4OP Loop antenna and an FT-817 on his belly.

CQ World Wide 160-Meter Contest (CW) ... KN4DUA scores big at host WK9M QTH !!!  Operators this time included: WK9M, AC6ZM, N2APB, KF4DKW and KK6OKU.
Click on any of the pics: (L-R) "Master Juan", "Sustenance", KK6OKU aka "The Man!", N2APB, and "The Score!"


Post-Holiday Club Dinner 2019 ... What a blast on Jan 19th at Classico's!  Great fellowship, great food and great fun ... 

North American SSB QSO Party (Jan 19) --  Great results from the KN4DUA club station on Jan 19th, operated at N2APB, with participating club members: Randy WK9M, Juan AC6ZM, George WB9TFR, David KN4LMM, David KF4DKW, Mike KK6OKU, and Sam KV4XY.   (Click on the photo!)


January 2019 TLARC Meeting ... Minutes and the Program: "Online HF Prediction Tools," presented by Juan AC6ZM.  Refer to the Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program (VOACAP).

Another "first" ... TLARC participated in the North American CW QSO Party on Jan 12-13 ... as a distributed team!  Randy (WK9M), George (N2APB) and Juan (AC6ZM) each operated from their own home stations under the registered name of TLARC Gold, and their impressive combined score have already been submitted.  Look for TLARC Gold in an upcoming issue of National Contest Journal!

ARRL RTTY Round Up contest  ... We activated the KN4DUA club station from Juan's QTH, from 6pm Saturday Jan 5 onward into the night and during Sunday.  Seven members helped us get a score of 17,892 ... nearly triple of what we did last year! Great Going TLARC Team!  (Operating time: 13 hrs 43 mins)


Results now posted for last month's 160 Meter Contest and KN4DUA scored in the top of our operating category!


TLARC Club Station KN4DUA ... was activated for ARRL Straight Key Night on Jan 1, 2019 ... (score coming shortly)

December 2018 Meeting Minutes ... It was a good meeting!  Read all about it here.

ARRL 160m CW Contest -- Some of our TLARC Field Nuts setup shop at WK9M on Dec 1-2 to work the club station KN4DUA in this annual Top Band contest!  Read all about our adventure here:


Run LoCo Marathon -- TLARC assisted with checkpoint communications in the recent (Dec 1st) marathon in Loudon County.  It was a chilly and wet day, but a good number of hearty members braved the elements to provide rest stop runner status via the club repeater.  "Thank You" to those participating: N4RPR, KF4DKW, KM4OJK, K4BNN, W8MKL, WK9M, KK6OKU, KN4LMM, K4XZT, K4TYS, K4MJF+Karen, and especially to communications organizer/director KE4OTZ. And BTW, the Lenoir City's News-Herald reported "Marathon runs without hitch!"
(Click images below for higher res views.)



November 2018 Club Meeting -- What a blast!  See the presentations by clicking the image below ...


NEW ... Please enjoy "A Tail of Three Antennas" ...
It was a cold-yet-sunny November 17th afternoon atop the Overlook Park at Fort Loudon Dam.  High tension power lines abounded leading in/out of the power generation facility, yet the airwaves were clear of that characteristic buzzing and the noise floor was low.  It was destined to be a good Field Nut day.  [Read more]

Feature Presentation from our October meeting:  Portable Operations in the Field (N2APB)


What is Ham Radio? -- Whether you are new to Ham Radio, or an OT in need of a refresher ... you'll find these resources very helpful in better understanding our wonderful hobby!

HamClubOnline - The online amateur club management system.  Active members of the club will receive an email stating they have been successfully added to the roster. You can log into the system for the first time by following the directions in the email  .. de Juan AC6ZM

New "TLARC Education Series" for October ... Learning Morse Code!  -- We're starting a new "Education Series" here on our TLARC website, wherein we focus on various specialties of our Ham hobby ... Emergency Communications, Contesting, Digital Modes, SDR, and more!  We're kicking things off this month with Learning Morse Code and will be providing lots of good resources for just that ... whether you haven't tried using CW on the air, or even if you have and want to improve your "fist".  See the first installment (video) below, and look forward to more cool, easy and free resources to appear soon on a separate page here in
ENJOY ... and feel free to ask AC6ZM or N2APB about "anything Morse"!


(left-to-right): Dave KF4DKW, Sam KV4XY, Brad KM4OJK, Juan AC6ZM, Randy WK9M, George N2APB
(Not pictured:  Robert WW4WTF)


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